Chris Tirpak


This script will fetch photos from flickr - it requires you to have and API key and shared secret from flickr before you can use it.

How it works:

It will fetch pictures for a given flickr username two different ways

You specify the max number of pics for a username that you want. It will also get rid of older photos.

so for example: - we have flickr users mom, sue, and dave - mom sets up the picture frame - mom gets an api key from flickr - mom runs the initial set up - she is given an oauth link on setup that she authorizes so the app can act on her behalf - mom adds 4 lines to cron job 1) fetchFlickrPics.rb -g -m 25 – this will get the 25 most recent of mom’s favs – getfaves ignores any tags you pass in 2) fetchFlickrPics.rb -m 25 -u mom -t cats,thekids – gets 25 most recent pictures from moms flickr account that are tagged cats or thekids 3) fetchFlickrPics.rb -m 25 -u sue -t “4mom” – gets pictures that sue took and have the tag for “4mom” 4) fetchFlickrPics.rb -m 25 -u dave -t “4mom” - so now mom’s picture frame has: - her 25 favs - her 25 most recent from her account tagged cat or thekids - 25 most recent from sue sue and dave’s accounts tagged 4mom - 100 pics total - each time someone adds pics it will download them and bump the old ones off of the back - in other words its FIFO (first in, first out)